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Objective and Vision

The objective of Active Help Cambodia is to directly and indirectly stimulate community development in Cambodia. Directly through the initiation of projects to improve the standard of living. Indirectly through supporting local organisations with their projects.

This means Active Help Cambodia supports local organisations through for example the construction, maintenance and/or financing of buildings, such as a schoolbuilding. Being jointly responsible for part of the running costs of these projects for a number of years. The aim is for the projects to be able to operate independently after a number of years. Active Help Cambodia also focuses on activities that increase and improve employment opportunities and the standard of living within the community. We do so through, for example, hygiene projects, providing education, the provision of micro credit and by setting up - or helping to set up - employment projects.

The vision of Active Help Cambodia is that the Cambodians themselves should be involved as much as possible in the realisation of the projects we support and initiate. They are the driving force behind the success of a project. Active Help Cambodia provides a helping (financial) hand and the proper tools. The villagers are expected to actively contribute to the development of their community. All projects are based on needs brouht forward by the villagers.

Focussing on community development means that a project reaches all villagers within the community at the same time, and allows you as an organisation to be flexible. Something that suits Active Help Cambodia's entrepeneurial character very well.


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