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About us

It all started in February 2004 after travelling in Cambodia; the idea to build a school in slum area Anlong Khong. Within a year construction was already able to start. The next step became improving the living standards in this community with small scale community development projects. Young, flexible, creative and entrepeneurial.. small foundation, big difference! 

Hugo Went, Heida Raven, Rik Kentie

The board members of Active Help Cambodia; f.l.t.r. Hugo, Heida, Rik

The people behind Active Help Cambodia
The idea to start the foundation was born when board member Rik Kentie travelled in Cambodia, a country living with the awful legacy of the Khmer Rouge regime. He decided to use his businesses - Skate-fun and Have Fun Events- to raise funds and set up projects,  thus making a contribution to the future of Cambodia.
When Rik presented his plan to Heida Raven, who was unsuspectingly admiring his holiday photographs, she immediately offered to help. Together they laid the foundations for Active Help Cambodia. Ultimately Heida even went to Cambodia for 18 months to work full-time with Anlong Khong.

Hugo Went has taken up the resposibility of Treasurer. Taking care of Active Help Cambodia's financial matters from his administration and tax consultancy office.

Rik Kentie - Chairman
Hugo Went - Treasurer
Heida Raven - Secretary / Project Coordinator

But we would be lost without our fantastic Cambodian team

Syna - Projectleader Anlong Khong
Veary - Administration
Sokleang - support 

Special thanks
Active Help Cambodia foundation would like to particularly thank:
- Bob Frieser, with his personal efforts and the sponsorship from Bel Impex BV he enabled the successful launch of the foundation.
- Ward Kentie at Design Studio Hans Kentie BNO for his skillful graphic designs.
- Remco Vogelpoel of Art Digital for the new website.
- And all volunteers, experts and  who provided us with good advice, hands-on support and moral support.

Collaborating organisations
- ICCO/Impulsis (interchurch organisation for development cooperation)
- Villageworks
- Foundation En Route
- Give 2 Asia

Team AHC Cambodia
Team Cambodia

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