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Our target group

Here we provide you with further information relating to our target group; the small community of Anlong Khong.

Anlong Khong Thmey
The residents of Anlong Khong used to live in a slum in the capital city Phnom Penh, old Anlong Khong. When this district was ravaged by fire in 2000, the inhabitants were allocated a section of land on which they were able to build new homes with their own means. Besides a water pump, there were barely any facilities at all. The new Anlong Khong lies approx. 15 kilometres outside Phnom Penh. This distance makes it difficult for the residents to find work. The community could definitely use some help.

AnlongKhong Village

Statistics for Anlong Khong Thmey, January 2005
Children infected with HIV under 6 years; 6
Children not infected with HIV under 6 years: 194
Families infected with HIV 12
Total number of other families 440
Total number of inhabitants 2040

Education in Cambodia
On 5 January 1976, Pol Pot introduced radical political and social measures. People were driven out of the cities to go and work on the land. Schools were closed, and due to the political and social reforms, teachers were killed in mass executions. By the 1990s, only a few schools were left. Even today, there is still a shortage of well-trained teachers, and nursery schools in particular are still a relative rarity.

Why is a pre-school so important to Anlong Khong?
It is not only children who benefit from a nursery school - so does the rest of the family. Often, one of the parents or an older brother or sister has to stay at home to look after the younger children. He or she therefore misses out on the chance of work or education. But also for the children a pre-school has major benefits. Many children stop with there primary school eductaion because they lack pre-school education and can't bridge the gap in their development. Anlong Khong is no exception. If the younger children are taken care of, for example at a nursery school, the parents can go to work and the older brothers and sisters can go to school.


Anlong Khong's villagers are amongst the poorest in Cambodia. There is no space for agriculture and most villagers lack education. Most villagers work in construction or (garment) factories, where they on average earn a salary of 1 to 1,5 dollar per day. In order to offer them an independent future, it is important to offer them opportunities for education and employment.
Active Help Cambodia is actively looking for organisations and companies within Cambodia that could offer sustainable employment in Anlong Khong as part of their projects. In this regard, Active Help Cambodia is not responsible for the management of the project, but acts as a link between the village and the projects. After that, the projects can be continued independently.

Living standards
Anlong Khong is a typical slum area. Small, bad housing, remote, uneducated, not interesting for its surroundings and dirty. Active Help Cambodia initaites projects that improve hygiene,  rainwater drainage and health in the community.

Also Help!
Anlong Khong can use our help, with your support we can make sure livlehoods improve for the people of Anlong Khong.

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